At last some hope for Italian Politics

Hurrah! It looks like after all Italians haven't been totally brain-washed yet. Read the Guardian on the vote to get the full picture of the amazingly positive outcome of the 4 referendums that have been voted last weekend.
This is such a fantastic result, that people in my local bar suddenly feel like  talking about politics again. Things have been too depressing for too long, so why even bother?
Tuscany belongs to the red heart of Italy; the communists have been big here, and most people still vote left-wing, so you can just about imagine how cruel Big B's rule has been for most people around here. This said it is also true that some sane right wing voters haven't been exactly proud on what their party was up to. Never mind, the way things look now Berlusconi is finally on his way out (and this is saying a lot about somebody who seems to have seven lives). 

However as my Tuscan partner says, I'm getting carried away with my hopeful feelings. We are still in Italy, and no way everything in Italian politics will start working according to Swiss clockwork just because of two blissful weeks. Hopefully Big B's coalition is close to its final fall; but according to my man once his opponents will be in power, they won't do much more than keep complaining for years, that ruling Italy has become impossible because of the mess he left to be cleaned up.   

Oh well, let's for once not get dragged down by the realism of my native's statement. There haven't been many good moment's in Italian politics lately (lately?!), so let's be Buddhist about this one, enjoy the moment to the full and not worry about the disillusionment that is prone to be lurking 'round the corner.  

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