Tasting Maremma Wines - Bring it on!

Sitting on our terrace we see majestic Mount Aquilaia and Mount Amiata as a background to our neighbor's well kept vineyard. And all through summer we sit on that terrace drinking the white wine which is made from the vines we are looking at. Yes, that's rather romantic. However the striking bit about this information is that we actually CAN afford to drink our neighbor's wine ON A DAILY BASE - which is quite something if you're aware of Tuscan wine prices!

Rainbow over our neighbor's Tuscan vineyard and olive grove
The vineyard that gets us through the summer
But no, I won't tell you who our neighbor is. The thing is he doesn't produce a lot, and we'd rather not risk having to sip some Chilean or Australian white when sitting on our terrace. That would kind of spoil the view.

However there are a few other Tuscans out there who keep producing affordable wines, and at times they are a as good as our neighbor's. To make sure you get to those bottles before they get emptied by somebody else - stop over at the Maremma Wine Shire for some serious tasting.

In the meantime, me, my hubby and our guests make sure that our neighbor doesn't have to bother with sending those bottles overseas!

WHERE: at the exposition space in Braccagni 10 min from Grosseto 
WHEN: May 21-23 2011

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