Tuscan Folk Music - I Cardellini

The Cardellini are a male choir from Tuscany's Monte Amiata. No words needed really, just click on the video to hear them sing. 

The song is called a Ninna Nanna  - which means a Lullaby. However don't be fooled, this isn't the kind of lullaby you'd want to sing to your children (unless you are very open-minded). 

'Bella se vuoi venir sull'Amiata insieme a me' is a farmer's invitation to his loved one (the Bella) to visit him at his vineyard up in the mountain. And regarding the intention of his invitation: a bed made with weeds and a blanket made of cane leaves is all ready in the little hut he normally uses for his siesta... 

Hard to find their CDs abroad, but you can download a few songs from their Myspace Site. Have a go - this is as good as it gets when it comes to Italian folk music!

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