Did you say famous? He may not have hit the US big time yet - but Tuscany's hot shot Lorenzo 'Jovanotti' Cherubini has been rocking the Italian music scene for more than 20 years. There is a reason why he has collaborated with people like Bono, Ben Harper, Sergio Mendes and the Beasty Boys.  

So if you were planning to cruise the Tuscan hills with Lady Gaga and Madonna on your playlist - forget it! You can get closer to Italian music than that - even in the US. Read about Jovanotti's smooth move into the American music scene on his website

And don't you just love his glittery jackets and shoes? Quite a transformation from the youngster who sang the famous Serenata Rap' (see video).

With the hey-days of world famous Tuscan artists long gone, it's good to see that the region is still alive and kicking!
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