Most people who live in a bustling city know this one. The weekend on the horizon you study your city's Time Out guide (or similar), you read up on a few events, your partner or friends circle a few other options and after hours of discussing which theater/film/concert to go to... you open a bottle of wine and watch an old dvd.

This is what could happen to anybody who travels through rural Tuscany during July and August (mind you, not during the rest of the year, when good live concerts are turning into a rare species). The list of events to contemplate for this Saturday (July 16) makes me tear my hair - why all in one night?!
Below my top 5:

For the jazz lover in you:
Eager readers already know about my infatuation with Montalcino JAZZ & WINE and my admiration for jazz pianist Danilo Rea who will be playing a solo concert this Saturday. 

But if you are not just into jazz & wine, but into jazz & wine AND FOOD - the Tenuta di Paganico can fulfill your heart's desire. A wonderful organically run Tuscan estate, which will dish out only the best for its Jazz night at the estate: Tenuta di Paganico

For the folk music lover in you:
Goran Bregovic the king of Balkan Brass Music is giving his 'Champagne for Gypsies' night in Siena. The concert takes place on the piazza del Duomo as part of Siena's famous Chigiana Festival. Fantastic music promising lot's of mad dancing in front of a world famous cathedral! 

Tuscan folk music. My beloved Cardellini are one of the many groups joining in the 30th anniversary celebration of the Tibetan Buddhist community near Monte Amiata: 30 years of Merigar. So not just music but also something for the Buddhist in you.

And last but not least for the classic lover in you:
The roof-less abbey of San Galgano will be a breathtaking venue for Carl Orff's masterpiece, the Carmina Burana.

I'm off now mixing a cocktail before I'm going to consult the I Ching - for Southern Tuscany this is too precious an evening as to risk a heated and whimsical decision. 
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