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During July and August concert season in Tuscany is in full swing. For the people who already overcharged their credit cards with shipping home all those marvelous bottles of Tuscan red - don't worry, ticket prices are often quite modest. Many of the events get generous sponsoring by the wine industry; which is indeed just another reason why you should keep opening those bottles.

Right now a great Swiss orchestra from Geneva is touring Tuscany FOR FREE. Don't miss out on the concerts, even if you get your share of Mozart at home. The Orchestre du College de Geneve will also play two suites of Nino Rota's wonderful film music. Remember Fellini's Armacord and Otto e mezzo? No?! Once you hear the music, you'll know what you'll be downloading from those pirate sites as soon as you get home. 

Director : Philippe Béran

MOZART: Ouverture « Il Flauto Magico » KV 620
MOZART: Concerto n.1 per flauto in sol maggiore KV 313Solista : Martha Humbert, flauto
TCHAIKOVSKY: Estratti dal II atto de « Lo Schiaccianoci »
NINO ROTA: Suite per orchestra da « Amarcord »
NINO ROTA: Suite per orchestra da « Otto e 1/2 »

Domenica 3 luglio ore 18.30: Fortezza di Montalcino (SI)
Lunedì 4 luglio ore 21.15: Chiesa di Sant’Agostino, Massa Marittima (GR)
Mercoledì 6 luglio ore 21.15: Piazza Duomo, Pistoia
Giovedì 7 luglio ore 21.15: Piazza Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno (AR)

Free entree - INFO: 347.3727581 MUSICANDO ITALY

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