Without doubt one of the best places to truly understand the Tuscans and to get to know the Tuscan food is not a restaurant but one of the many occasions when villages or towns organize a Sagra (local festivity) or any other event that involves food.
Basically you'll be eating outside sitting on a long table next to some shouting and laughing locals whilst eating Tuscan food, which is not prepared by world class chefs but by the old ladies in town. And who wouldn't want a mother-in-law specializing in gourmet home-made pasta?
Okay, there are a few reasons why you'd rather NOT have an Italian mother-in-law - albeit the heavenly pasta does give them a lot of credit. To get the best of two worlds - tasting the Italian mother-in-law's delicious food without having to set up a permanent relationship with the whole family - join me Wednesday night at the 'Calici di Stelle' dinner in Cinigiano.

Click here to see the menu. You'll even get a wine glass to take home. A glass you're meant to fill repeatedly with the local Montecucco DOC wine during the dinner. 

20 Euro per person inclusive gadget (wine glass), children 10 Euro. 
Call the Pro Loco (tourism office) to book latest by 6pm Tuesday 8th of August: +39 0564 99 41 87 or +39 337 714700
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