Maremma horse and pine tree in the Maremma National Park
It's obvious - Southern Tuscany is horse territory; just think of Italy's most famous horse race, the Palio in Siena; or of the 'old-fashioned' Butteri in the Maremma - the Italian cowboys who still move on horseback to look after the Southern Tuscan cattle. For anybody who missed this year's Palio di Siena, the Maremma Horse Fair in Grosseto is the perfect place to observe how infatuated Tuscan people are with the species.

The three days of the fair (16th to 18th of September 2011) are dedicated to Tuscany's Maremmano horse breed, but there is luckily also some space to get to know a few more of the lovely local animals

Not much of a horse person myself my absolute favorite is the majestic, wide-horned Maremma cow. 

Maremma cow in the Maremma National Park near Alberese
Isn't she a beauty? 
The kids will love the donkeys' race, a hilarious event which is popular also in other areas of Southern Tuscany. However unless you want to buy Tuscan horse, the main event of the Festival dei Cavalli is probably the impressive horse show on Saturday night which is accompanied by a lush Tuscan dinner (25 Euro p.P). Make sure you reserve beforehand by calling:+39 0564 4170 87   

If you want to arrive in style - join one of the groups who will travel to the festival on horse-back. You can join various riding groups which are led through the marvelous Tuscan countryside with trips lasting from one up to six  days. 

And with the weather forecast for this September weekend still looking incredibly hot and sticky, you may want to consider a dip at nearby Fiumara beach or a 20 min. drive to to the wild and beautiful beaches of the Maremma National Park (lots of beautiful Maremma cows and horses to be seen there).  

GROSSETO, via Castiglionese 201 - Festival dei Cavalli 16th-18th September 2011
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