I'm in a muddle: I held the firm belief that autumn starts on the 21st of September - at least in this part of the world. But I'm not on my own. So did the DJs of the famous Italian Radio Deejay radio station. Thanks to their listeners I've finally learned that autumn is supposed to start on the 22nd and sometimes (this year) on the 23rd of September (it must be the Italians - arriving late as always) .

I love autumn in Tuscany - my favorite season down South. But the stupid nostalgic I am I also already miss the Tuscan summer. Therefore let's stretch that summer feeling just a tiny bit more with what has become over the last years one of the biggest Italian summertime standards. 

ROTOLANDO VERSO SUD (Roling Towards South) was a prime summer hit five or six years ago. And it has had its come back every summer since then... or whenever an Italian DJ in Milan had it with the city's notorious fog and smog (which is rather often the case).

I NEGRITA are from Arezzo, a real hot spot when it comes to Tuscan pop music. Avid readers will know by now that the city is also hometown to Italian's superstar JOVANOTTI. I don't think the above video is necessarily the best publicity for the guys from I Negrita. But the song definitely deserves a thumbs up. 
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