MAREMMA FOOD SHIRE 2011 - Tasting Tuscan Food

After the success of this May's MAREMMA WINE SHIRE the organizers decided to start up a sister event in autumn which is dedicated to the exquisite food of the area.

MAREMMA FOOD SHIRE will take place from the 24th to the 26th of September at Grosseto Fiera. The fair will be a delight for any foodie with a taste for Tuscan delicacies: local extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan saffron and Orbetello's bottarga (the Tuscan caviar) to name but a few of the main players of the event. 

Join the last September weekend's pilgrimage to the Maremma if you want to get your tooth in. MAREMMA FOOD SHIRE is on from Saturday to Monday. 

WHERE: at the exposition space in Braccagni 10 min from Grosseto 

WHEN: September 24 - 26 2011
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