Winter in Tuscany: Nothing but green fields, trees and a fence

Just when you counted out that you'll have to get through another three cold months, you are surprised by the incredible blue of a Tuscan winter sky. And you think of your friends in Zurich, buried under months of fog. And then the friends in Britain. Buried under months of rain. And you remember the reason why you moved to Tuscany. Even in the winter. In fact above all in the winter! It's only a madly hot and crowded Italian August, that will make one reconsider some major life choices.  

Massa Marittima's Archeological Museum - and who are these guys!?

But it's not just the sky. It's about empty museums and having Tuscany's most fabulous squares and churches receiving you for a private view. Okay some of the restaurants will be closed. You may have to ride down to the coast to get that fabulous ice-cream. But honestly you'll be bringing home photos like nobody else. Photos of squares and churches with NOBODY on them. No tour groups from Texas and Tokyo. If anything the odd local may insist on walking through your artfully composed picture. 

A lonesome local in front of Massa Marittima's cathedral

And if it's not him, it's me and my family, always ready to mess up somebody's holiday photos. Just to make sure you don't get bored with that quiet atmosphere around Massa Marrittima's stunning piazza and cathedral. 

Here they come, two kids who still believe that all of Italy's spacious and beautiful squares were built just for them. And then their father. A true Italian who doesn't have time for a church, let alone a museum, if he hasn't checked out the towns Gelato yet - Ice Cream, yes even in January. 

Need some sunshine, don't mind about having to wear a pair of warm socks and - above all - you want it all to yourself? It's Tuscany in January then. 

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