It's all snow over Tuscany: schools are closed, highways are in a mess and airports are total no goes. If you happen to be stuck in Siena you'll be able to kill time with a few life events. Not so if you happen to sit on a Tuscan hill, cut off from the rest of the world - nightmare or bliss? I'd say enjoy the forced winter break in Tuscany: put another log on the fire, open a bottle of wine and get those dusty records out...

Paolo Conte Vieni via con me - live in Amsterdam 

Paolo Conte is to Italy what Frank Sinatra is to the rest of the world. Okay that's a bold statement, but definitely true when it comes to my life. Forget anti-depressives. Certain cold temperatures or rough situations in life are best dealt with a glass of prime Italian wine, finest dark chocolate (Swiss one, obviously!) and Frank Sinatra or Paolo Conte swinging it in the background. That kind of setting will sort out nervous breakdowns and freezing off toes anytime. 

Just make sure the wine is up to the challenge. Right now the Siberian temperatures literally shout for 100% Sangiovese grape wines. So far me and my Tuscan native have been getting through: 

CUCCUVAIA -  a Greek winemaker following the trail towards Brunello.  
AD AGIO - Basilessa's flag ship wine. 
And one to the good old times - Mastrojanni's fab ROSSO DI MONTALCINO

More snow flakes on the way? Keep'em coming!

Find out more about Paolo Conte, Italy's grand master of Jazz on his website.
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