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Steam train treno natura San Giovanni d'Asso
Steam train adventures in Tuscany 

Steam train lovers reunite... in Tuscany. The provinces of Siena and Grosseto share a train line that (sadly for the locals) has been in disuse since 1994.  Nevertheless the tracks are kept in good shape and the natural beauty surrounding the Asciano - Monte Antico line makes for a perfect scenery for the steam train adventures in spring and autumn. The TRENO NATURA (nature train) has become a tourist attraction not just for old-style public transport lovers but also for food and nature aficionados. The train is a perfect way of transport to arrive at some of the region's best food fairs and local festivals (just the fact that you don't have to worry about all that wine running through your veins..).


1st of May - yearly festival in Sant'Angelo Scalo near Montalcino
9:45 departure from Siena's station
11:20 arrival at Monte Antico with a 15 minute stop and possibility to take pictures of the steam train
11:35 train leaves from Monte Antico
12:00 Arrival in Sant'Angelo scalo, reception with music by the local town band. On reservation visit to the Banfi winery. Lunch on reservation or at one of the food stalls, market, music and kid's attractions to celebrate 'la festa del lavoratore' (worker's festival)
16:40 Departure Sant'Angelo Scalo
18:30 Arrival in Siena

13th of May - Asciano's Crete di Siena Food and Pecorino Cheese Market
8:55 departure Siena station
10:20 arrival Monte Antico with a 15 minute stop and possibility to take pictures of the steam train
10:35 departure Monte Antico, via Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi
12:00 arrival Asciano station, coach to the town center of Asciano. Time to visit the market and food stalls and Asciano's museums. 
17:00 departure
17:45 arrival Siena

20th of May - Steam train festival in Torrenieri
9:45 departure Siena
11:10 arrival Monte Antico with a 15 minute stop and possibility to take pictures of the steam train
11:30 departure Monte Antico 
12:30 arrival Torrenieri. Lunch (on reservation) and visit of the toy trains exhibition
17:00 departure Torrenieri
18:30 arrival Siena

27th of May artisan market Arcidosso/Mount Amiata or Brunello tasting and Trekking in Montalcino
8:15 departure Siena, via Asciano and San Giovanni D'Asso
10:30 arrival Sant’Angelo Scalo. On reservation - trekking through the hills of the Val d'Orcia/Montalcino and Brunello tastings in Montalcino's wineries. 
As an alternative program there will be a coach taking people to the villages of Mount Amiata, with market and shows displaying the old trades of the area.
12:30 lunch on reservation
16:10 departure via coach from Mount Amiata
16:45 departure Sant'Angelo Scalo
19.00 arrival Siena


14th of October 'Porcino' mushroom festival in Castiglion d'Orcia

8:55 departure Siena
10:10 arrival Monte Antico with a 15 minute stop and possibility to take pictures of the steam train
10:30 departure Monte Antico
11:00 arrival Monte Amiata Scalo and transfer on coach to Vivo d'Orcia
11:45 arrival Vivo d'Orcia. Lunch on reservation, visit to the market
16:30 departure coach for Torrenieri
17:00 departure steam train from Torrenieri
18:30 arrival Siena

21st of October - Chestnut picking and chestnut festival Mount Amiata/Arcidosso/Abbadia San Salvatore
8:15 departure Siena 
10:30 arrival Sant'Angelo Scalo, transfer with coach towards Monte Amiata. There will be an alternative program with visits and Brunello tasting at Montacino's wineries. 
11:10 arrival at chestnut grove, with time to collect chestnust (included in price for people who have booked lunch)
12:30 lunch at a restaurant in Abbadia San Salvatore (on reservation)
14:40 transfer on coach to Arcidosso for the “Festa della castagna” (chestnut festival)
16:10 departure on coach from Acridosso
16:45 departure steam train from Sant’Angelo Scalo
19:00 arrival Siena 

4th November - Train to the 'Crostatone' Festival in Piancastagnaio on Mount Amiata
8:55 departure Siena
10:10 arrival at Monte Antico with a 15 minute stop and possibility to take pictures of the steam train
10:30 departure Monte Antico
11:10 arrival Monte Amiata Scalo and transfer on caoch for Piancastagnaio
12:10 arrival Piancastagnaio and visit to the festival and food stalls
16:00 departure on coach for Torrenieri
17:00 departure steam train from Torrenieri
18:30 arrival Siena

11 November - White truffle festival San Giovanni d'Asso
9:45 departure Siena
11:15 arrival at Monte Antico with a 15 minute stop and possibility to take pictures of the steam train
11:35 departure Monte Antico
13:00 arrival San Giovanni d’Asso. Lunch on reservation or directly at the festival's food stalls. Visit to the market and the castle's interactive truffle museum (great with kids). 
17:00 departure steam train
18:10 ca arrival Siena.

2nd of December - Steam train to the Christmas market and extra virgin olive oil festival
08:15 departure Siena
10:10 arrival Sant’Angelo Scalo. Coach transfer to Seggiano. There will be an alternative program with visits and Brunello tastings in Montalcino's wineries.
11:00 arrival Seggiano. Visit of the market and EVOO tasting. Visit to Seggiano's extra virgin olive oil museum.
13:00 lunch on reservation 
14:30 Life music
16:15 Departure coach to Monte Amiata Scalo
17:30 Departure steam train Monte Amiata Scalo
19,00 Arrival Siena

7:50, departure from Florenc SMN with diesel train and special coaches  'Centoporte' (hundred doors)
10:00 arrival Siena anch change of engine
10:15 departure Siena with steam train and “centoporte” coaches
11:40 arrival Torrenieri. Transfer with coaches to San Quirico d’Orcia
13:00 lunch on reservation. Visit to the market and a traditional olive oil press in town. 
16:00 departure S. Quirico d’Orcia on bus
16:40 departure steam train from Torrenierie
17:50 arrival Siena
19:40 arrival Florence SMN.

Exact timing and program may vary. The trains are normally well booked, i.e. book in advance and make sure you check for details (stations to board the train, any changes in program etc.) with the travel agent.  
Adults: € 32,00; Children up to 10 years ride for free. However they don't have a booked seat so be prepared to have them on your lap during the trip, as the train normally gets booked out.
Further info and reservation: 
Visione Del Mondo - Agenzia Viaggi
Via Camollia 130
53100 - Siena 
Tel.: +39 0577 48003 - Fax: +39 0577 236724

Click here for photos of the steam trains in Val D'Orica and more infos about the trip in Italian: Steam Train Terre Siena

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