Il Grattacielo - a fabulous osteria (restaurant) in Siena's medieval town center
Siena's Osteria 'Il Grattacielo' - hard to get more Tuscan than this

Don't want to schlep bulky guide books through Italy? I know, I too prefer filling my suitcase with bottles of Tuscan red instead. And neither are you a friend of tourist guides? You need the hand of a local then. And if you're too shy to chat one up on some Tuscan square, just check out my Siena guide - from local to traveller. It can be found on National Geographic's 'I Heart My City' series; a great project that involves locals giving visitors an introduction to their favourite sites, restaurants and hidden gems in town.

My and my Tuscan native's take on Siena, and on what to do whilst in town, where to chill out and even more importantly what NOT to do and when NOT to come can be found on National Geographic's Intelligent Travel Blog: I Heart My City - Katja's Siena.

If you're trip to Italy doesn't just take you to Tuscany but also to Rome, hang around a bit more on NG's Intelligent Travel and also check out Katie Parla's tips for visiting the eternal city

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