Madonna and Italy is an evergreen. She's got plenty of Italian blood running through her veins, likes crucifixes and is best friends with Dolce & Gabbana. But who would have paired the hip pop star with Tuscany's famous cypress trees? I just couldn't see it coming. Those skintight 80s outfits just didn't seem to ask for a room with a view. 

But always good for a surprise, here she is taking in the Renaissance city and the rolling Tuscan hills from the back of a convertible. Madonna in the back of a car with the boys (or girls) isn't really a novelty. And I can see her doing it anytime in Las Vegas, Miami or Los Angeles (see her Music video). But in Florence? Just to think of the traffic. Give that woman a vespa! 

The official version of the video can also be seen on the website of the national newspaper la Repubblica, Madonna in Florence - turn up the radio (which contributed some material) or on Madonna's official youtube channel. 

Most of the video was filmed in and around Florence. Should you  want to hunt down the video's cool petrol station whilst listening to the songs of MDNA on your next trip to Italy - it's near a small village called Galliano in the Mugello (an area to the North of Florence). 

And if you wonder about the driver's famous last words in Italian: 'La festa รจ finita adesso. Allacciati la cintura, stronzetta.' Here's your English translation: 'The party is over now. Put on those seat belts, bitch.' Pure Madonna - even in downtown Florence. Just that the guy misses out on a proper Tuscan accent. Dolce & Gabbana must have sent him along. No offence Madonna, but with a true Tuscan driver, that last phrase would have been: "Levati dai 'oglioni, scema!" 

Madonna during the making of the 
'Turn up the Radio' video in Florence

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