Maremma horses inspecting national park cycling path
Maremma horses inspecting the cycling path leading to the Maremma national park beach

Thank you Maremma horse fair! At last an opportunity to post some of the countless photos I keep taking of the beautiful Maremma horses grazing in Southern Tuscany's national park. 

Maremma horses in Southern Tuscany's national park

Actually not just pictures of the horses. I'm madly in love with the gorgeous Maremma cows too.

Maremma cows in Southern Tuscany's national park in spring
Maremma cows in Southern Tuscany's national park near Grosseto

Every year right at the start of autumn the national association of the Maremma horse breeders organizes a festival dedicated to their beloved creatures. The fair takes usually place on the third weekend of September and turns provincial Grosseto into a horse lovers paradise. Events include riding competitions and horse trekking adventures, whilst Saturday's dinner is accompanied by an equestrian cabaret (don't ask, I don't have a clue). 

Not just horses, but also my beloved Maremma cows, the lovely Monte Amiata donkeys and other 'indigenous' animals will be on show during the fair. 
Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of September 2012. Check the website of the Maremma horse breeder's association for the full program of the festival

What else? 
If you prefer to see the Maremma horses and cows in their natural habitat, rent a bicycle and ride along the well kept cycling path through the Maremma national park. The park center is in Alberese, 20 min. to the south of Grosseto. Bicycle rent for the whole day ca. 8€. 

You came to Tuscany to do wine not horses? Check out this September weekend's harvest festivals in Montalcino and Scansano. And if Italy means nothing but culture to you, check Siena Map It Out for the current opera tribute and theater festival in the city of the Palio. 

I won't be able to join any of the above. I'll be hanging out in Florence to attend the 5th European Congress of Integrative Medicine. No Michelangelo for a change, but lot's of noteworthy talks in regard to integrative cancer care

And before I call it a day - let me add two more shots of my friends in the Maremma national park. 

Young cows in Tuscany's Maremma national park

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