LIFE IN ITALY. A Photoguide to Tuscany's Cypress Trees

Cypress trees near Porrona in Southern Tuscany

They come in all sizes.

Cypress trees in a trio Paganico on the way to Monte Antico, Tuscany

They make for great threesomes.

The cypress lined road to Monte Antico in Southern Tuscany

And they love to line any given Italian road. 

Actually, that's what they're really good at. 

Tuscany at sunset: Cypress and pine trees lining a round in the Maremma, Italy

Even more if they can share the job with a bunch of pine trees.

And they know how to pull off the solitary landmark thing. 

DISCLAIMER: all photos taken with my ramshackle android phone. So don't even think of printing them out. You'll have to come out and take some for yourself. But 3 megapixels still seem to work well enough to share with the world what my Italian life looks like. On a good day that is. I'll spare you the gruesome pictures I take on a bad one. Still want more? Go and look for @anythingtuscan on twitter or instagram (the iphone and smartphone photo app). 

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