The man is one of Italy's best known pop stars. He's talented, good looking and has sense of humor. And... he's Tuscan. Which is just one more good reason why he's taking up all that space on this blog.

Tensione Evolutiva (evolutionary tension) is Jovanotti's latest hit. The video has been filmed by Gabriele Muccino, the Italian filmmaker who's made his way to Hollywood thanks to his admirer Will Smith.

The song is part of Jovanotti's latest album "Backup 1987-2012 IL BEST" (album cover designed by Maurizio Cattelan), which - as the title says - looks back on 25 years of success in Italian rap and pop music. 

Last but not least, from golden shoes to batik suits, the man knows how to dress. It must be all that Tuscan blood. 

See Jovanotti's website for the dates of his BACKUP tour (June and July 2013). No better way to meet the man himself than live in Italy this summer! 

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