Family trek in Cinigiano

Tuscany in the winter can be gloomy and chilly. Hotel rooms may be freezing and your favorite restaurant can be closed for most of the cold season. But this won't frighten the lover of strolls, walks and serious hikes. Because fog,  rain or even snow are rare to stay around. It's in spring and autumn that Italy gets most of its rain falls (or at least that's what the weather used to be like in the past). Tramontana and other winter winds may be cold, but who cares? The incredible light, crystal clear views and the absence of tourists make sure you won't mind about having to dress in layers.   

December view towards Collemassari

Wondering where to start hiking in Tuscany? Stunning scenery awaits around every corner, but signed out walks aren't quite that easy to get by. A great place to start is the Maremma National Park. Hiking trails are well looked after and the views towards Tuscany's islands and its southern coastline are too good for words. 

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