For reasons to me unknown (or at least too complicated to be explained), fate has me walking Massa Marittima's picture perfect town center every year once during winter. And each time I can't but stop and marvel at the timeless beauty of Massa Marittima's monuments against the backdrop of a crisp blue winter sky. 

No need for a Fellini film, if you can spend a morning people-watching on the tourist free main square in front of the gorgeous cathedral (building it in an oblique angle towards the rest of the piazza was a true act of genius!). This February morning serendipity even went so far as having me run into Donna, the blogger behind Maremma Guide, who writes one of the most informative and useful websites for people exploring this part of Tuscany. 

Massa Marittima archaeological museum. Palazzo del Podestà, piazza Garibaldi
The archaeological museum and a slice of the cathedral

San Cerbone cathedral in Massa Marittima
Winter  morning rush hour in front of Massa Marittima's San Cerbone cathedral

Cathedral of San Cerbone and cypress tree, Massa Marittima, piazza Garibaldi
The Tuscan just know where to plant those cypress trees (but not where to park their cars)

Locals on a winter morning in Massa Marittima

Keeping Massa Marittima clean
Busy even in the winter

View towards the cathedral and Palazzo del Podestà in piazza Garibaldi
Morning chat

Yellow facade and washingline in Massa Marittima
Perfect laundry weather

Cloister of the San Pietro all'Orto abbey in Massa Marittima's Città Nuova (new town) neighborhood
It's just me and the city

Massa Marittima: a local crossing the square in front of the San Cerbone cathedral
Massa Marittima. These people dress with style.

Massa Marittima, off piazza Garibaldi
Men at work

Trompe l'oeil facade close to Massa Marittima's main square
Fake or real?

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