Organic vegetable box from GAT Scansano
GAT Scansano's vegetable box
 House-delivered, tasty and organic only

Nothing makes me happier than the weekly arrival of our organic vegetable box from Scansano. At least from spring to autumn. The sight of a box full of cabbages in the winter can be a little disheartening even for a lifelong vegetarian like me. 

Italy is Europe's biggest producer of organic food (which may come as a surprise, considering that the country is better known for its garbage heaps in Naples and other ecological crimes). Around 50'000 farms and wineries in Italy are certified organic and almost 20% of the country's agricultural land is farmed according to organic or biodynamic standards. 

Nevertheless, organic vegetable boxes haven't been around for too long. At least not in the Tuscan countryside, where distribution is complicated due to low population density. 

A group of hardworking Italians is about to change this now. If you're a resident in Maremma, you can order your own organic vegetable box via GAT SCANSCANO near Murci. 

  • 3,5 kg weekly organic vegetable box: 40€ per month
  • 5,0 kg weekly organic vegetable box: 50€ per month
  • 6,5 kg weekly organic vegetable box: 60€ per month

Call them (+39 0564 51 90 52) to find out whether they already deliver in your area. If not, try to get a group of customers together, so as to make transport costs sustainable. And no worries if you spend only part of the year in Tuscany - the folks from Scansano are very flexible. 

GAT Scansano also offers beehives for adoption or whole pieces of land to buy - in case you'd like to become co-owner of an organic farm in Tuscany! 

Let me know, if you happen to know of any other organic vegetable box suppliers in Tuscany. I'd be happy to give them a shout out. 

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