Panorama view of Pitigliano
When they say a Tuscan hilltop town...

Busy morning at Pitigliano's barber
Saturday morning chat at the barber

Up and down wherever you look

The symbol of the Orsini family in Pitigliano (orso means bear in Italian)
The Orsini bear (looking more like a lion here) overlooking the red cross convention.  

Pitigliano, life in the historic town center
Shirts only!

Houses in the historic town center of Pitigliano
Sunday stroll in Pitigliano

La piccola Gerusalemme: the map of Pitigliano's ghetto

Pitigliano's synagogue
The restored synagogue

Pitigliano's Renaissance pipeline
Acquedotto Mediceo:
 Pitigliano's aqueduct was planned by the Orsini and finished off by the Medici - hence the name.

Waiting for the bonfire. Pitigliano's festa di San Giuseppe on the 19th of March.
The 'invernacciu' straw doll will be burnt on st. Joseph's day to celebrate the arrival of spring in Pitigliano

Washinglines in Pitigliano's historic town center
Laundry day in Pitigliano

Red cross nurses in front Pitigliano's palazzo Orsini
Old and new. The uniforms at the red cross convention at Palazzo Orsini

Pitigliano and the Medici aqueduct. View from below.
Ciao Pitigliano!

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