Church lovers have endless selection in Tuscany. Roofless San Galgano, Romanesque Sant'Antimo near Montalcino or the Monte Olivieto abbey in the Crete Senesi are some of the most famous cathedrals and monasteries in the South of the region. But if you cruise the Tuscan hills, always keep an eye out for the small Pievi, the fascinating and often very beautiful countryside churches. 

Tuscan countryside churches: La Pieve di Lamula near Arcidosso
La pieve di Lamula with Mount Amiata in the background

The pieve di Lamola is one of them. Hidden away between Arcidosso and Casteldelpiano the small church was an outlet of the famous San Salvatore abbey on the slopes of Mount Amiata. 

Even though the facade dates back to the first half of the 20th century, the pieve managed to keep many of the pagan symbols and the calm ambiance so typical of Tuscany's countryside churches. 

La pieve di Lamulas between Arcidosso and Montelaterone
Inscription on a pillar inside the church 

The locals from Mount Amiata (mainly the inhabitants from nearby Montelaterone, Montegiovi, Arcidosso and Casteldelpiano) keep coming back to this church in many occasions, but most importantly in spring for the celebration of La Festa della Pina. Celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, the feast with pagan roots has taken place since the middle ages, when Lamule was a busy church with a village built around it. Later on the villagers moved to Montelaterone, a fortified town erected by the San Salvatore abbey on a steep hill a bit further down the road. 

Montelaterone near Arcidosso
One great lcoation: Montelaterone near Arcidosso

FESTA DELLA PINA: Pieve di Lamula, Sunday 7th of April 2013
A great way to see the area is by joining the trekking that the village of Montelaterone organizes together with the walking guide Carla Pau: start in Montelaterone at 11 am, arrival at Pieve di Lamule at 14.30pm. For reservation call Carla Pau: +39 3406933470

Find more info about the walk and about other guided hikes in the beautiful countryside of the Mount Amiata area on Carla Pau's website (in Italian). 

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