With spring in full swing, first of May isn't just the start of a glorious month in Tuscany, but also a much celebrated national holiday. I've just overlooked the cooking process of this year's sagra in Sant'Angelo Scalo (one of my favorite village fairs), and think there's no better way to start the month than with a fork and knife in hand in this little hamlet in Montalcino's south-western corner. 

This is what the village ladies have in store for you: 

The village ladies preparing the food for Sant'Angelo Scalo's celebration of 1st of May
Tuscan village fairs? Examples of female team work 

Tomato sauce the Tuscan way. Sant'Angelo Scalo 2013
Home-made tomato sauce for everybody

Tuscan food: Vitello - veal at Montalcino's village fair
The veal simmering ahead

Nonna just does it better than the rest
Jamie Oliver? Oh, please!

Trippa Toscana - Tripe Tuscan style in Montalcino
Trippa (tripe) ready to be tasted

Trippa Toscana - Tuscan Tripe on the first of May in Southern Tuscany
Add a piece of Tuscan bread and the tripe is ready to go for the gourmet team

Finishing off a plate of Tuscan tripe
Our verdict?
We'll be back tomorrow. 

And no worries, being in Montalcino, all of this will obviously be matched with plenty of Tuscan red wine. 

Check the full program and menu of Sant'Angelo Scalo's 2013 food and village fair (sagra in Italian) on the website of Montalcino's tourist office or have a look at Montalcino - Map It Out for more ideas on what to do during spring in the Val d'Orcia. 

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