Volcano what? Right, Pitigliano, the famous tufa rock town, hosts the 2013 tasting of some of Italy's best volcano DOC wines. Which doesn't meant that the vines are raised on smoky mountain slopes with vignerons constantly watching out for the signs of a new break out. Even though in some cases - most famously mount Etna in Sicily and mount Vesuvius in Naples -  these volcanoes are in fact still bubbling away. 

Many of Italy's famous volcanoes - like for an example Mount Amiata in Southern Tuscany - have been extinct for thousand or millions of years (ask for the exact number at the tasting). But even though long out of work, they have left behind a deeply colored and mineral rich soil; a true oasis for terroir wines!

The color of volcano soil
One of the vineyards at the organically run Sassotondo winery near Pitigliano


Hosted by Pitigliano's vintners association (consorzio di tutela bianco di Pitigliano e Sovana), the wine fair will bring together 140 labels from 70 wineries from all over Italy. Some of the more famous volcano docs are Soave from Northern Italy and Etna and Pantelleria in the South. However volcano wines from the areas around Rome and Naples, the hills of North Eastern Italy and from many of Southern Italy's smaller islands can be tasted too.  

For more info click through to the Vulcania facebook page. Email vulcaniapitigliano@gmail.com, phone +39 3387932222

And don't run off, once you're finished with tasting. Pitigliano doesn't just have the potential for great wines, but is also one of Tuscany's most beautiful towns. Click through to my A Day in Pitigliano Guide to find out what to do with the rest of the day. 

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