Summer in Tuscany and I'm hot and bothered. Since temperature remains over 30 degrees. For weeks. Inside our house. Summer in Tuscany and my Tuscan native is constantly grumpy. Since the construction sites he works in and the roofs he climbs upon are definitely under the Tuscan sun. It's summer in Tuscany and our two kids are endlessly bickering. Since - autumn, winter, spring and summer - that's just what they like to do. 

Once dreaded August 15 is on the horizon - and with it Ferragosto hell - our ill tempered little family leaves the touristy hill towns and jellyfish invaded beaches behind and happily drives off to a better life. In Switzerland. Where temperatures drop and rain fall starts the moment we cross the border. And all we'll remember of the crowded, irritating and unbearably hot Tuscan summer is this. 

Olive groves and vineyards. View from bar Sport in Cinigiano, Southern Tuscany
Contemplative Cappuccinos before the heat sets in 

Fiumara beach restaurant between Castiglione della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto
and early evenings at Fiumara beach

Summer vegetables in Maremma
mornings spent collecting tomatoes from my synergyistic garden

Gardening at the Podernuovo winery in Cinigiano
 or at the much more successful neighbors 

Crystal clear and icy cold. Moun'Amiata's water supply.
solitary Sunday lunches in search of shade and a fresh breeze 

Jovanotti Back Up tour  concert in Florence 2013
and crowded evenings to join Tuscany's summer music festival season 

@moscerina in Rome for #instameettheRomans in June 2013
 afternoons spent wearing hats, whether in Rome... 

via Romana Florence during a hot Sunday aftenoon
or during hot city breaks in Florence

The Tuscan sea with view towards Giglio island
swims at favorite Maremma beaches

Rock pools in the forests below mount Amiata
in freezing mountain rivers...

The one item that gets me through a Tuscan summer. Best if paired with a view towards mount Amiata.
or just hours spent under the cold garden shower

Aperitivo time in Monticello Amiata. Bar le Terrazze, Southern Tuscany
evenings with ice cream and prosecco at the local bar

Table football at bar Le Terrazze in Monticello Amiata
remembering childhood summers 

Village dinner in Cinigiano, Southern Tuscany
followed by nights out on town doing this 

Boules in Tuscany. Perfect for sultry summer nights.
or this

Cypress trees and Tuscan hills at sunset in Siena (from porta San Marco).
and sunsets in Siena

Sunset at organic Basile winery near Cinigiano
at the Basile winery

sunset with pine trees at the parco regionale della Maremma

and from time to time quiet evenings on our balcony looking just like this

Full moon rising in Southern Tuscany

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