When I say camping, what do you think of?


I think of this:  

Safari style lodge tents at camping Campeggio Capalbio

At least since I have seen the lodge tents at the campsite near Capalbio in Southern Tuscany. The moment I noticed these, I've realized that there is camping and camping. Or really camping and glamping. 

Campeggio Capalbio is a small and charming campground right on Tuscany's southern coast. Green and welcoming, Campeggio Capalbio is slowly transforming itself from campground to camping hotel. There's still plenty of space for people who just like to pitch their tent, but for the ones who'd like to get the nature vibe minus the sweating and fretting, there is glamping. Glamorous camping. 

Shared bathrooms? That would be camping. 

Glamping in Tuscany means your OWN loo. And not just that. 

Blue sky and oleander: nothing over an outdoor shower!
Private lodge tent shower with a view

You'll sleep in a proper bed. And in a COMFORTABLE one!

Stylish wooden beds in the lodge tents at Campground Capalbio
Air mattresses? Sleeping bag? Not with glamping!

And yes, of course, your own little private lounge. After all you'll want to put that mini bar to use. 

Glamping indeed with the lodge tents of campsite Capalbio
Now, you only need a drink

But no lodge tent will do, if the location ain't good. 

Monte Argentario seen from Camping Capalbio's beach
Sunset from the Capalbio camping site beach

Camping Capalbio is right on the Tuscan shore. Water and beach are very clean (WWF oasis Lago di Burano is a bit further up) and the sun sets right behind the famous Monte Argentario peninsula. Right next to the camping ground beach is La Dogana, a stylish deck chair rental and great seafood restaurant. Ten minutes inland from the campsite lies Niki de Saint-Phalles famous sculpture garden (ll Giardino dei Tarocchi). 

Camping Capalbio is one of the few campsites in Tuscany to stay open till mid October (the lodge tents have heating and air conditioning). 

  • ACCOMMODATION: I can absolutely recommend glamping in Tuscany. Breakfast is included and the lodge tents are cleaned daily. However, if your budget is a bit tighter, the mobile homes on the campground are a good alternative. They lack the luxury touch, but are a great option for families who prefer having their own small kitchen to dining out. The mobile homes are all positioned in the shade of the Tuscan campground's beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. 
  • FOOD: The camping site has a lovely restaurant which serves divine seafood and great pizza. Right next door is the above mentioned beach restaurant VINO E ROSSO AT LA DOGANA (open for lunch and dinner until the end of September). 
  • WHEN TO COME: March to June and September to October. July and August are hot and above all far too busy for that true Safari style experience. 

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