After over one and a half years of constant labor of a team of nearly 500 engineers, divers and specialized workers, the removal of the Costa Concordia wreck from Tuscany's Giglio island is getting close. The parbuckling of the cruise ship will take place from 6 am on Monday September 16. It will be the biggest operation of its kind to ever have been executed. 

The parbuckling will have to happen as slowly and delicately as possible in order to prevent any deformation of the hull. The splitting of the ship is seen as unlikely, however a major concern are the remaining liquids that will leak from the vessel during upright rotation (the emptying of the fuel tank had been carried out as one of the first rescue operations in 2012). 

Giglio's waters are being continuously monitored and analysed and a series of underwater nets are in place around ship and working area to prevent spilling of poisonous substances into the Mediterranean. 

The Costa Concordia ran aground in the night of January 13, 2012. During the cruise ship disaster 30 people died and two are still being missed. Their corpses are suspected to be located inside the cruise ship. The search for them will be one of the priorities once the Costa Concordia is in an upright position. 

Captain Schettino, who steered the cruise ship far too close to the coast of the isle of Giglio is on trial for manslaughter. He is also accused of leaving the ship long before the rescue of all passengers and the entire crew of the Costa Concordia had been secured. More than 4000 people were on board when the disaster happened. 

More information on the procedure and timing of the parbuckling and removal of the Costa Concordia can be found on the official website

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