If my Tuscan native is going to leave me one day, you'll know why. Nobody could for ever put up with my never-ending ideas for a change in interior design. Or rather exterior design. 

We must have about five tables around our house. One for every time of the day and amount of sunshine. I would have been happy to move them around according to the season, but my brother-in-law preferred to cement them into the ground for eternity. Hence, my need for another one. To enjoy the winter view from our olive grove. 

Trial table in the olive grove
A trial meditation last December with the table I normally use on our terrace (the only movable one left)

It was just before Christmas that I realized that I couldn't possibly get through another winter without a table in the midst of our olive trees. Not just for picking breaks, but for quiet contemplation and morning meditation. Which, no need to say, is all about coffee in Italy. 

A table for everybody
Febo the cat joining in 
The master at work with the first boards
My Tuscan native giving in (and how many 'Maremma Maiala' for one simple table!)

Into the grove
 On its way 

December breakfast in the grove
A first mediation
January breakfast
a second one
Outdoors breakfast in February
and a third 
Almond blossoms and cat meditation
but never alone
Always blocking the view

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