Considering Pitigliano's breathtaking setting on top of a steep and crumbly Tuscan tufa stone formation, it's surprising that the town hasn't become one of the major film locations for Hollywood productions in Tuscany. Montepulciano and countless churches and hamlets in the cypress lined Val d'Orcia have prominently featured in films like Gladiator, the recent Twilight or - obviously - Under the Tuscan Sun. 

But Pitigliano's low exposure in the film world may change after its appearance in the latest Fiat 500 commercial. 

No Photoshop needed, since Pitigliano's town center and the views from and onto the town are just as beautiful as seen in the fun commercial. Balancing on its rock, the southern Tuscan town is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway - with or without the little blue pill. 

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