A Tuscan garden at sunset
A smartphone capture of the fairytale garden of Podere Genova in Monte Antico

Always wondered how to turn the technical limitations of your phone into inspiring photographs? Learn how to this spring in best location in southern Tuscany!

The award-winning Swedish photographer Sofija Torebo Strindlund will teach composition and use of light, shadows and color in the middle of a perfect Tuscan countryside setting. Sofija will also share her tips about smart accessories, techniques for special effects and teach editing skills using a bunch of apps directly on participants' mobile devices. 

Theory sessions will be mixed with hands-on exercises and practice of landscape, portrait, still life and lifestyle photography. Along the way, there will be some traditional Swedish "fika" – just for the best possible outcome of course ;-). 

iPhoneography Workshop

Date: 15-16th of May 2017. Early bird to lunch and lunch to late night with the possibility to join just for one of the two days. 

Location: half an hour from Montalcino and 45 minutes from the Tuscan coastthe gorgeous Podere Genova in Monte Antico will provide the perfect setting with endless in- and outdoor photo options for this course. 

Price: 250 euro/person for the whole workshop (email for one-day rates). 

Contac: Sofija Torebo Strindlund - Email. Blog: ihpe.se Instagram: @toreboan
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