You may be good at emptying bottles of Tuscan red, but have you met the people behind the barrels? Nothing nicer than sitting over a glass of Tuscan wine with the folks who work the land and yes, fill those bottles for you to drink.

A Tuscan wine producer and a friends at a table with a glass of wine


IL PALAZZONE - the new millenium
Probably the best visit available in Tuscany - or shall we make that Italy? You'll let me know. Hard to find anybody more enthusiastic about spreading the word than Laura. What else to expect from an Oxford graduate gone wine? 

FONTERENZA - organic a go-go
Did you say organic? The twin sisters who run Fonterenza are your gals then. I don't know anybody more thorough and more dedicated to organic wines and a healthier planet.

UCCELLIERA - as in the good old days
Andrea Cortonesi is a man of the land; his ancestors have been doing for centuries what he keeps doing. His wine will tell. 

SESTI - CASTELLO DI ARGIANO - Sangiovese goes glam
Where we all want to live! And where a Brunello di Montalcino still tastes of Sangiovese and nothing but Sangiovese. 

The Tuscan landscaped seen through the window of a winery


BASILE - more than just wine
You came for the wine, but what about the view?! It will blow you away - like standing on top of the world. Organic wines produced by a great family from Naples. Read my interview with owner Giovan Battista Basile

SASSOTONDO - back to the roots
Bringing Pitigliano's wines back up to where they belong. The volcano soils speak through Sassotondo's wonderful wines. Strictly organic!


Wine cellars designed by the international archistars.

Vineyards and olive groves seen through a modern window at a winery in Cinigiano

By Renzo Piano - Italy's best known architect. The French-Italian winemaking joint-venture is one of the few Tuscan estates open for visits on 365 days of the year.

Each wine its cathedral. Designed by Swiss star architect Mario Botta. The owners are shareholders of chic Tenuta di Badiola in Castiglione della Pescaia. Don't forget the tasting!

Collemassari is known as a medieval castle in Tuscany's Montecucco DOC wine area. Nevertheless the organically run estate decided to welcome the new millenium with the construction of a huge contemporary wine cellar by Italian architect Edoardo Millesi

Looking for more?

Find your very own top wineries in Tuscany with the help of my tips on how to taste wine right at the winery

Visualizza Tuscan Wine Estates Map in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

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